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Going through a divorce is undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions two adults will make in their lifetime. From separating property to drafting legally binding documents for child support and child custody, there are plenty of factors that will come up during the mediation process.

It is crucial to have an experienced law team from Sonoran Law Group on your side to protect your interest, property, and rights along the way.

Dissolving a marriage can come with strong emotions that often involve an entire family. With over 15 years of legal practice in the state of Arizona regarding divorces, our legal team or appointed family lawyer will know what to anticipate at the very start of your case, and represent and protect your interests and the interests of your children and family members.

Our divorce lawyers specializing in family law are on hand to discuss all aspects of your case, from potential domestic violence to child support, child custody, and property division.

How Our Team Will Guide You through Your Divorce?

When you are investigating how to get a divorce there are fine details that must be considered.



  • Considering no-fault filing – no-fault filing refers to the conditions or grounds for divorce, and a legally filed divorce in Arizona must include a legally binding reason for your petition. Our divorce attorneys will guide you through every step of the process and make sure you understand how to file and what to consider.



  • Documents and disclosures are required including an Affidavit of Financial information among other required legal documents. To make this easy, our divorce attorneys will provide you with an easy-to-follow checklist, and help you fill out the necessary information quickly and effectively.



  • Considering a contested or uncontested divorce – there are two major types of divorce at the point of filing: contested and uncontested. If your divorce is contested, it is critical to hire an attorney who will provide strong legal advice and counsel to negotiate terms of child support, child custody, property, and investment division, as well as visitation if necessary.



With over 15 years of experience, our family law attorneys understand the fine print of important issues like child support in Arizona and Arizona divorce laws. Save time and money consulting our expert team to guide you through these complex factors that contribute to your case significantly.

Property Division, Child Custody, and Child Support in a Divorce

Child support, child custody, and property division are three hot issues during a divorce or mediation process. As expert family law attorneys in Arizona, we will take it upon ourselves to fight for the best interest of your family in the areas of child support, child custody, and property division. We do not only help you with legal documents, filing, and outreach, but we use our compassion and knowledge to support you emotionally during this process.

It is important for us to serve you during this difficult time. Call us today and receive your free consultation; hear our plan to support and protect you when you have come to the decision to file for divorce.