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Child custody cases are some of the most difficult events that occur as a couple separates and divorces. For all parties, children included, this is an emotional and stressful time. It is important for families and parents to know their individual rights and the process of a custody case. We handled hundreds of family law and custody cases and we have the tools and experience to help you achieve the outcome you want in your case.

Arizona Child Custody Laws

Arizona child custody laws and terminology is very detailed and can be confusing to a person without a law degree to read. At Sonoran Law Group, our criminal defense law firm, we have created an easy to read, easy to follow article to give you a better idea of what you can expect for Arizona custody laws from the most experienced and recommended criminal defense lawyers in Scottsdale AZ, to give you a better idea regarding the details and how they may or may not pertain to your situation or case.

In 2013, a major family law modification to SB1127 occurred by changing the word “custody” in the realm of family law because of the perceived negative connotations that come from the word. Children and family law best practices are still the same, and when going over your case, our family law attorneys will be able to guide you through any new information and updated laws to best serve your case.

What Is Child Custody?

Custody isn’t a negative term as many people think. Due to the occasional horror story around divorces that are more difficult than others, the word can often spark negative feelings of a battle between parents over children. In actuality, custody in family law refers to the decision makers in the family, who will take care of the children, and also, what parenting time and legal decision making will look like within a family unit or appointed guardians.

At Sonoran Law group, we see these two questions the most when it is time to discuss custody between parents.


  • When will I have my children? Also, when does my ex-partner or spouse get to have the children?
  • Who will be appointed to make the major decisions regarding the children in the family? This includes but is not limited to religious choices, health, school and education, milestones, holidays, etc.)



Parents and guardians living in the state of Arizona should familiarize themselves with the laws governing child custody in the state. This aspect is just one very important reason why you should consider hiring an attorney from our practice to easily guide you through the lengthy paperwork and hit major points to save you time.

How Can Sonoran Law Group Help Your Child Custody Case?

Our team will not only support you in finding the best possible outcome for your case, but we will also help you draft an effective and fair parenting plan where all parties can seek out a win. We will help guide you through the divorce process and also represent you in executing a specific and well-rounded plan to prioritize and protect your rights to your children.

Give us a call and we will discuss your case and find a way to ease you through this major transition.