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In the state of Arizona, unlawful imprisonment of an individual is ranked alongside the offense of kidnapping and can result in felony charges. Unlawful imprisonment is the illegal act of holding another person hostage or against their will. Restriction can include coercion, persuasion, trickery by moving a person from one location to another or restraining them in one location.

Usually, unlawful imprisonment of another individual is classified in the state of Arizona as a Class 6 felony and carries very serious charges if convicted. Unlawful imprisonment is driven by the intent of the defendant, or a person holding the alleged victim. Intent can be classified in various categories — the intent for a sexual offense, intent to inflict harm, or intent to hold for ransom are a few possibilities.

Due to the severe charges, it is important, as the defendant, to speak with an attorney from Sonoran Law Group immediately. In the classification of crimes and misdemeanors and felonies, kidnapping is very serious, and intent can be misconstrued. Criminal defense attorneys from our law offices will be able to take a look at your specific case and find any avenues for a sentence reduction based on evidence, testimony, motive, and intent.

What to Expect When You’ve Been Arrested for Unlawful Imprisonment?

Cases involving unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping are based on the allegations of the victim and, unfortunately, aren’t always backed by evidence other than witness testimony, eyewitnesses, and interviews. In cases where the parties are known to one another through a personal or domestic relationship, the classic “he-said-she-said” commentary can be damaging to a case if an experienced criminal law attorney isn’t immediately consulted.

How Can We Help?

If you have been charged, seek out an attorney from Sonoran Law Group immediately. You will need a criminal defense team that will fight for your case to be dropped or dramatically reduced.

Unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping charges in Maricopa County carry hefty sentences, and a criminal defense lawyer from our practice will be able to find inconsistencies, allegations without basis in reality or in the situation, as well as conduct our own interviews and testimony compilation to support your case.

Why Choose Sonoran Law Group?

Looking for the perfect criminal attorney in Scottsdale? Our seasoned criminal defense attorney, Ryan Garvey is no amateur to cases and trials where the same, if not similar, charges are up against a defendant. With his experience, we will be able to support your case in a way that is not only effective at reducing possible charges but also provide you with peace of mind that your case is being handled by an expert.

Choose a criminal attorney team that will support you and your case. Give us a call today, and set up a consultation where we will go over the details of your case and provide a strategic plan to tackle the charges you are up against. We look forward to supporting you in your case.