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Stalking and harassment are considered serious crimes in the state of Arizona, often carrying Class 5 felony charges for the individual prosecuted. If convicted of stalking in a criminal defense case, the individual faces time in state prison, and after release, face a lifetime classification as a convicted felon.

These serious charges are placed upon an individual after a victim has reported feeling unsafe, or fears for the safety of their family after an act or a series of acts against a person or family. Often the victim is approached or experiences frequent and frightening instances where they feel uncomfortable and fear for their lives.

Stalking Cases in Scottsdale, Arizona

Most of the time, a stalking charge is set forth by a pre-existing relationship between a defendant and an alleged victim. The relationship could have been casual, but often stalking and harassment charges emerge from a previous relationship. A criminal defense attorney in Scottsdale AZ and surrounding cities will take the alleged victim story into account, relying on details to eliminate the suspicion of untrue or misleading allegations against a defendant.

If you have found yourself facing high crimes and misdemeanors from alleged stalking or harassment charges in the state of Arizona, it is imperative to act quickly and call an attorney. Your rights are crucial, and Arizona stalking crimes, if convicted, carry a lifetime criminal charge and can impact your ability to find a job, own firearms, probation, and a large price tag in fines.

In choosing a Scottsdale criminal attorney, rest assured our firm has over 2500 cases won with award-winning service and attorneys who will work tirelessly to look at both sides of the case, protect your rights, and draw from previous experience in thousands of criminal defense cases in Arizona, and take the best and most effective approach for your case.

Why Choose Us?

Our attorneys will take an all-encompassing approach to your stalking case. Likely, you will be able to assume that the charge against you stems from a previous relationship, acquaintance, or domestic situation that has resulted in charges against you.

At Sonoran Law Group, each case is given great care. We ask for major details, conduct interviews, and assist our clients and optimize a defense strategy that results in expungement or dismissal. We work to make sure your case is completely transparent and you are given the benefit of a true, honest case without elaboration from an alleged victim.

Give us a call today, and discuss your case with our experienced team of attorneys who will fight for your case.