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Crimes against minors are exceptionally serious in nature and prosecutors take aggressive actions to pursue convictions at great lengths. Crimes against minors are viewed as some of the worst convictions to battle.

If you are facing child abuse allegations and charges, you need to realize that an equally aggressive defensive strategy is key in mitigating the case against you. Even the mere accusation of child abuse and neglect is exceptionally hard to fight, but with the right team of skilled lawyers, you stand a much better chance of seeking justice in the outcome of your case. Sonoran Law Group will help fight for your freedom, reputation, and the truth.

What is Child Abuse?

The laws enforcing child abuse are very encompassing to protect the physical and emotional health of children under the age of 18. As defined by the state of Arizona, abuse is the intentional infliction of physical harm, injury derived from criminally negligent actions or omissions, unlawful imprisonment, emotional, sexual abuse, or sexual assault. Victims under the age of 18 are still considered minors (children) in the state of Arizona.

Child abuse definition is the failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker in the following ways:


  • any person who inflicts harm to a child which is likely to result in physical injury or death
  • permits injury under that person’s care/custody
  • places a child in a situation where the health of the child is endangered

Types of Child Abuse and Punishments

  • Physical
  • Neglect
  • Sexual abuse and exploitation
  • Emotional
  • Abandonment
  • Child molestation

Convictions of child abuse bring felony charges, incarceration, large fines, and damage to reputations and record. Depending on the severity of the situation, intent and perceived danger to the child, the punishments can range from a variety of felony classes and prison time.


  • Class 2 – intentional or knowingly committed
  • Class 3 – recklessly committed
  • Class 4 – criminal negligence committed
  • Class 5 & 6 – if serious injury or death was not likely to occur

*Life imprisonment is possible if the victim is less than 12 years of age.

Individuals who work with children on a regular basis (teachers, coaches, etc.) face a particularly high risk of being accused of child abuse.

Your Best Defense Against Child Abuse Charges

The laws regarding child abuse are long and complex, which can leave a large amount of flexibility for prosecutors to attack your case. Being accused of child abuse of a sexual nature will carry even more severe punishments and societal impacts, including potential life imprisonment, lifetime registration as a sex offender, and other lasting effects.

The implications of child abuse in divorce and child custody situations can be extremely damaging and result in the loss of custody/visitation. The stakes are extremely high, and you need to fight because your rights and freedom depend on it.

We at the Sonoran Law Group understand just how damaging child abuse charges can be towards your reputation, prospects for the future, family matters and other important life situations. Trust us to fight for you and your best interests in your child abuse battle. Contact us today for your no-cost consultation to begin your defense.