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Having a probation violation or the prospect of losing many of your freedoms can be a frightening prospect. You must have someone ready to come to your defense. Leave nothing to chance—call our Scottsdale criminal defense lawyer now! We serve clients in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Tempe, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas.

Is My Probation Being Revoked?

A.R.S. 13-901 contains the laws regarding probation and violations, and only certain types may be eligible for probation. The outcome of each case will be relative to the particulars of that case as well.

The first notice of a probation violation occurs when you receive a petition from the court, informing you that you must appear due to a violation. Another scenario would be if your probation officer tells you personally that you are being referred to the courts for probation violation. It can also happen if you are being arrested for another type of criminal case while you are on probation. Lastly, the most serious violation of all is when you have disregarded all of the terms of your probation, and there is now a warrant issued for your arrest.

Our Scottsdale criminal defense lawyers can help with the following grounds for revocation of probation:

  • Testing positive for illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Possessing illegal substances, paraphernalia, or firearms
  • Leaving the jurisdiction without the judge’s approval
  • Entering an area that has been restricted
  • Failure to maintain sobriety or attend rehabilitation programs
  • Failure to gain and secure employment
  • Failure to attend counseling sessions
  • Failure to attend probation officer meetings
  • Failure to keep the probation officer informed of your whereabouts

What Are the Consequences?

Should a judge find that you are in violation of your probation terms, you could face numerous penalties, including a jail sentence. Remember that probation is often issued in lieu of harsher penalties such as jail, and a conviction could only send you exactly to the place you wished to have avoided in the first place.

Probation violation could lead to any of the following:

  • A warrant issued for your arrest
  • Additional conditions may be added to your probation terms
  • Your probation can be revoked, and you may be sent to jail

Furthermore, some crimes that are considered “violent in nature” may not be eligible for probation. Should you have questions about your particular case or situation, contact our Scottsdale criminal defense attorney now! With over 20 years of experience and a proven history of success, you can have a fighting chance.

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