How Much Is a DUI Ticket in Arizona?

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When it comes to breaking the law, there are several ways in which it can cost you. The consequences can take away your freedom, time, a clear conscience and lastly, significant amounts of money. We are going to focus on the traffic crime side of things.

Depending on the severity of your traffic crime, the financial penalties can range from a nominal fine, like a speeding ticket, to several thousands of dollars or more in DUI cases. Knowing how much Arizona DUI penalties can be is often a big deterrent for some people.

DUI in Arizona

First off, we want to reiterate that Arizona has a “zero-tolerance” policy for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This means that even if you are under the legal limit of 0.08% BAC, you can still be arrested and charged, based on the discretion of the officer, with a DUI.

This law is in place to strictly enforce safe driving and to reduce the number of drivers that choose to drive while impaired. But people make mistakes and poor judgment calls and will sometimes find themselves facing a very serious DUI charge. Aside from the personal freedoms that you will lose upon a DUI conviction, there are substantial financial penalties that come with as well.

How Much Does a DUI Cost in Arizona?

First off, if you are facing a DUI charge, it is strongly suggested to contact an experienced DUI attorney right away. This can drastically help minimize the potential penalties that can be imposed by knowing how to fight the charges effectively.

The most commonly asked question regarding DUI’s is, “how much does a DUI cost?” Well, there are a lot of components that come into play for assessing just how much and often it can vary depending on the specific situations of your case.

Average fines and penalties that you can expect to pay:

Alcoholism and poverty

• Up to $2,500 in DUI fines and court fees
• Approx. $500 for education classes and/or counseling
• $1,000 for the ignition interlock device to be installed on your car
• Approx. $3,000 more per year in car insurance

Right off the start, you can expect to see the totals come to about $7,000 for the direct cost associated with a DUI charge. However, there are many costs that are often not thought of. A question you need to ask is, “how much does a DUI cost over ten years?”

• Cost of transportation for the duration of the suspended license
• Potential job loss from inconsistent transportation means
• Can cost a professional license
• Could impact future employment opportunities that involve driving
• Arizona has a 7-year lookback period- a DUI conviction will stay on your record for seven years and will influence any additional charges during that time period, which can increase the                penalties as well

It is easy to see just how quickly the financial penalties of a DUI add up and can end up costing you over many years. While it may be tempting to save some money upfront by not seeking an experienced DUI attorney, this often results in favorable outcomes.

At the Sonoran Law Group, we have years of experience, on both sides of the courtroom fighting for and against DUI charges. Having the right attorney on your side will drastically impact the outcome of your case. Even the possibility of having the charges dismissed can happen because the prosecutor must prove that the proper procedures were followed by the police throughout the entire process. If you find yourself facing a DUI charge, we urge you to visit or give us a call today for a free case evaluation.