Arizona False Statements to Obtain Unemployment Benefits

Arizona False Statements to Obtain Unemployment Benefits

Have you made a mistake in requesting unemployment benefits in Arizona?

The Statute: ARS 23-785

“A. Any person who knowingly makes a false statement or representation believing it to be false or who knowingly fails to disclose a material fact in order to obtain or increase a benefit or other payment under this chapter either for himself or for another person, or under an employment security law of another state, the federal government or a foreign government, is guilty of a class 6 felony. Each such false statement or representation or failure to disclose a material fact shall constitute a separate offense.”

What We Know:

Nearly all of us pay into unemployment, and we are entitled to it when we need it most. If you’ve had the “pleasure” of needing this service, you likely know all too well how fun, challenging, but ultimately, how important it is.

What many Arizonans do not know, is that navigating through the laws of an unemployment check every week can get you into serious trouble.

Many times this happens by simple misunderstandings about how and when to start, stop, and properly report throughout the process.

Just ONE mistake about your eligibility for benefits can end up paying you with a class 6 Felony charge instead of the money you were expecting.

And for every mistake, there can be a new Felony — literally EVERY WEEK!

Unemployment Help:

There is a light at the end of the tunnel… Sonoran Law Group works with our clients on a holistic approach, working cases with multiple Felony charges piled up on one mistake — we’ve helped so many people keep their new jobs, stay out of prison, and maintain their records with no permanent criminal convictions. Call us today!