Is Jail Time Mandatory for DUI in Arizona?

Don't drink and drive

Driving is considered a privilege, not a right, in the United States and the state of Arizona is no exception. Getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle is a great responsibility because your actions come with serious consequences if mistakes are made. While driving can be inherently dangerous, driving under the influence of drugs
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How Much Is a DUI Ticket in Arizona?

dui law

When it comes to breaking the law, there are several ways in which it can cost you. The consequences can take away your freedom, time, a clear conscience and lastly, significant amounts of money. We are going to focus on the traffic crime side of things. Depending on the severity of your traffic crime, the
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What to Do When Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

family quarrel

False accusations of any type can be difficult to defend and come back from, but among the worst are domestic violence cases. Often times, there is little evidence, and it is your word versus theirs, and, sadly, the benefit of the doubt falls with the victim.  Knowing how to defend yourself against false accusations of
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