What to Do When Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

family quarrel

False accusations of any type can be difficult to defend and come back from, but among the worst are domestic violence cases. Often times, there is little evidence, and it is your word versus theirs, and, sadly, the benefit of the doubt falls with the victim.  Knowing how to defend yourself against false accusations of
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What to Do If You Get Stopped for a Dui or Dwi


Being human, we are bound to make mistakes in our lives, some more costly than others, but it happens at some point for all of us. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is a big responsibility when sober, however, it becomes a crime when you have had too many to drink. While it is
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Common Juvenile Crimes: Vandalism, Shoplifting, and More

Juvenile Crime

While juvenile courts often carry less severe punishments for the sentencing of crimes, being involved in the criminal justice system so young can have damaging impacts on the rest of your life.  Part of growing up is making mistakes and learning from those actions, and sometimes those mistakes involve breaking the law. There is not
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